Centro Technico di Gruppo (CTG-SPA)

Centro Technico di Gruppo (CTG-SPA)


Thanks to its extensive industrial experience, CTG SPA (research center of Italcementi Group) has consolidated an outstanding scientific and technological know-how. This wealth of skills and expertise has merged into the Group Technical Centre. Since 1994, CTG has brought together the knowledge and specialized skills of the previously separated technical centres of Italcementi and Ciments Français, improving the quality of services rendered to both the Group’s companies and third parties all over the world. The Group Technical Centre is composed of about 400 employees.

CTG's main activities are:

  • Designing and building industrial plants and machinery
  • Modernization and optimization of production processes
  • Checking technical and economic performance for plants
  • Research and development into materials, products and processes
  • Specialized technical assistance
  • Engineering, Technology and R&D Directions are in charge of coordinating activities

With an annual production capacity of approximately 74 million tons of cement, Italcementi Group is the world’s fifth largest cement producer. It won significant recognition for its strong commitment to R&D. About 170 engineers, researchers and technicians are engaged in R&D activities (CTG SPA) with the principal aim of ensuring competitive advantage to both products and production processes. This activity — already established as an essential point of reference for the Group subsidiaries concerned with production, sale and post-sale assistance — has become an increasingly precious resource in a marketplace that needs not only quality products but also after-sale servicing and assistance.



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