Commissariat à l’Energie atomique et aux énergies alternatives (CEA)

Commissariat à l’Energie atomique et aux énergies alternatives (CEA)


CEA (≈ 16 000 employees) is a French government technological research organization. The CEA is active in four main areas: low-carbon energies, defence and security, information technologies and health technologies. In each of these fields, the CEA maintains a cross-disciplinary culture of engineers and researchers, building on the synergies between fundamental and technological research. CEA Liten (Laboratory of Innovation for New Energy Technologies and Nanomaterials) is one of most important European research centres on new technologies of energy. DTBH, technologies Unit for Biomass and CO2 valorisation as well as hydrogen are developed in one department of CEA-LITEN. One laboratory will work on the plasma catalysis technology. A second one will design and construct the bench test for the test of the prototype. This laboratory has a long experience on heat exchanger, conception and realisation of bench tests. The last one will collaborate on tech-economic and environmental assessments of processes.




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