Workshop Europe in motion

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This half day workshop brought together a panel of key actors in the field of advanced materials in Europe. The three major objectives were:

  • Show to the International Materials Community that Europe is very present in keyuptodate topics at both scientific and technological levels, through a number of initiatives, like platforms, networks, committees from industry, research institutions and academia, which create an effective single European space for RDT in the field of materials.
  • The advanced materials are currently present in a large majority of global bottom up or top down projects in several key areas as the Energy, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Biotechnology (see Table 1).
  • The outcome of the present research will be the seed for new high level jobs which will have to be created in the future for our prosperity. This very fast increase of the importance of materials for our future will be demonstrated in the "Horizon 2020" RDT programme, which should define the orientations selected by the Parliament.

The presence at this workshop of representatives from the E.C., policy makers and stakeholders besides the scientific community facilitated exchanges and allowed to be ready to participate to the H 2020 programme, starting 2014.


8:45-9:00 Open Session, Francesco Priolo and Rodrigo Martins (speak about the objectives of this session and welcome address to all)

9:00-9:15 Geneviève Pourroy, IPCMS - CNRS, France: Nano@matrix, Towards a new and more precise diagnosis method of breast cancer 9:15-9:30 Marcin Sadowski, Research Programme Officer, DG Research & Innovation: the Acceleration given by the new EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020.

9:30-9:45 Valentin Alek Dediu, Department of Chemical Science and Materials Technology, National Research Council of Italy: Polymer based biomaterials for tissue repair/regeneration: 9:45:10:00 Suzana Figueiredo, InnoMatNet: Networking of materials laboratories and innovation actors in various industrial sectors for product or process innovation

10:00-10:15 Pablo Tello, CRM-InnoNet: Innovation Network on Critical Raw Materials substitution

10:15-10:30 Jacques Komornicki, Matval - Alliance for materials: a value chain approach to the materials research and innovation

10:30-11:00 Break 11:00-11:15 Bertrand Fillon: Key Enabling Technology platform

11:15-11:30 Volker Sittinger, ORAMA: Oxide materials towards a matured Post-silicon electronics Era

11:30-11:45 Laurent Bedel, CEOPS: Storage and valorization of renewable energy by hydrogenation of captured CO2 for energy and chemical markets

11:45-12:00 Peter Rigby, EMIRI: Bridging the Innovation Gap

12:00-12:15 Patrick Bressler, Matseec

12.00-12:30 Konstantinos Giannakopoulos: Pan-European media products for deciphering the world of advanced materials to the general public: The "STIMULATE" project's approach

12:30-13:00 Open discussion and conclusions (Moderator: R. Martins and M. Sadowski) 13:00 Lunch


Download the ppt presentation of CEOPS here